Risk Managment
The new standard
Loss underwriting for lenders
Automated quality control
Transparent ecosystem
3 000 000 000 000
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The Problems
Credit risk management market players are suffering
Discover problems
  1. High cost of credit risk management
  2. Dependence from the risk managers
  3. Hard to find qualified specialists
Credit analysts
Discover problems
  1. Lack of analytic report standards from lenders
  2. Hard to protect intellectual property
  3. Inability to work with multiple lenders
Risk managers
Discover problems
  1. Hard to protect intellectual property
  2. Difficult to access data for researches
  3. Inability to work with multiple lenders
Data providers
Discover problems
  1. Time & resource consuming client acquisition
  2. Difficult to integrate new clients
  3. Misuse of data by clients
Solution that will change the industry
credit analysts
Risk managers
data providers
Smart contracts
The Innovations
Created to become necessary
loss underwriting for lenders
Automated quality control
transparent ecosystem

ANTAVIRA starts the new era of lending with breakthrough Loss Underwriting feature for every lender in the world. With ANTAVIRA blockchain technology, lenders will be able to refund the full amount of the loan, in case of loan default.

It is time for every lender to get rid of the risks that can destroy the business.

The heart of ANTAVIRA is the Smart Contract System. With the help of Smart Contracts, clients will be able to control the KPI, and service providers will have guaranteed payment after their work is done. If service providers will fail to meet the requirements, they will not get the money.

It is time for every market player to become responsible for the quality of the services they offer.

The main idea of ANTAVIRA is equal conditions for every participant of the platform. ANTAVIRA Blockchain Technology will make it real. Every participant of the platform will have access to every Smart Contract so everyone will be able to work with everyone in case of matched requirements.

It is time for every service provider to get a work with fair rules.

Use Cases:
The Token
Share of the future
0.01 eth
Initial token cost

Soft cap:   $ 2 500 000
Hard cap:   $ 25 000 000
ICO participants
Development fund
Bounty programm
ARMT token will be used in every operation on the platform.

Lenders will use ARMT to acquire credit decisions, risk managers will use ARMT to obtain borrower’s data from data providers and so on. The value of the token will grow exponentially with the number of ANTAVIRA users.

Token exchanges will be the only place to buy ARMT after the ICO is over. All unallocated tokens will be burned.

All above will ensure token stability and constant price increase.
ICO campaign
Transparent and fair
ARMT Package
900 000
900 000
900 000
900 000
900 000
900 000
Package price
1 eth
130 ARMT
1 eth
125 ARMT
1 eth
120 ARMT
1 eth
115 ARMT
1 eth
110 ARMT
1 eth
105 ARMT
1 eth
100 ARMT
Bulk orders
0-49 eth
50-149 eth
150-499 eth
500-999 eth
1000 + eth
300 000
Private investments Received
  1. ETH wallet is required to participate in token sale.
  2. Token sale smart contract will have strict Soft/Hard cap conditions.
  3. ICO participants will be able to retrieve ETH from token sale smart contract if ANTAVIRA doesn’t reach the Soft cap - 5000 ETH.
  4. Token sale will last until ANTAVIRA reaches the Hard cap - 35000 ETH.
  5. There will be 7 ARMT packages during the token sale. ARMT tokens in each package will have its own price (from ≈0.007 ETH to 0.01 ETH for 1 ARMT). The ARMT price will change as the packages will sell out.
  6. There will be wholesale bonuses for large orders from 50 ETH.
We know what to do
Clients in
5 countries
Countries of

ANTAVIRA Blockchain Credit Risk Management Platform is a project of SCORISTA company.

SCORISTA is the world’s first service that provides full cycle of risk management for alternative lenders. The company was launched in 2014, and now SCORISTA has 130+ clients in 5 countries: Russia, China, Spain, Latvia and Kazakhstan.

SCORISTA provides not just only the credit score, but instant credit decision – "Approve" or "Deny" the credit with detailed explanation in each case, and it’s the only risk management company with a money-back guarantee for the results program.

Innotribe Challenge, 2017
InnoVex, 2017
Golden Ruble Award, 2017
Bank Review, 2017
Startup of the year, 2017
Sibos, 2017
Tech Tour, 2017
Stay in touch
Thank you, Toronto! Sibos-2017 was a great experience with highest concentration of finance professionals. See you next year!
Smart Engines became our official partner in image recognition! Innovations attracted to each other.
We received «Best Scoring Technology» Award at Golden Ruble – 2017! Another reason to work hard
Great news! We are going to New York to participate in Starta Accelerator program! The time for the new market has come.
The core of the project
The core of the project
Maria Veikhman
CEO & Founder
Eugene Irshinsky
Alexei Chudinov
Mariya Boldi
PR manager
Olga Telicina
Head of Analytics
Anna Palkina
Project Manager
Andrey Mulenko
Business Analyst
Ruben Yakunchev
Software Engineer
Lei Chen
Representative in China
Semen Kolominsky
Software Engineer
Pavel Larionov
Software Engineer
Michael Esutin
Software Engineer
Karine Sukiasyan
Credit Analyst
Olga Stepanova
Statistical analysys specialist
Sergey Okulov
Head of Sales
Maxim Naumenko
Sales manager
Yulia Sharapova
Hu Chao
Mobile Developer
Daria Petkova
Tatiana Dzhumanova
Yulia Shilyaeva
Guided by professionals
Alexey lykov
Co-founder, CTO Playkey
Thank you for you interest
Here are some answers
Is the blockchain of ANTAVIRA public?
Our blockchain is public and all our codebase will be open source.
When the token sale will start?
We are planning to start the token sale in March 2018. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive latest updates.
Will additional ARMT tokens be issued after the ICO ends?
No, the tokens are issued only once. No additional emission is possible.
How the ARMT tokens will be issued?
ANTAVIRA token sale will be held through ERC20 smart contract. ICO participants will be able to retrieve ETH from token sale smart contract if ANTAVIRA will not reach the Soft Cap.
On which exchanges the ARMT token will be traded?
We are actually in discussion with several exchanges right now. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive latest updates.
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